Retouching Walk Through

24 07 2008

Ok so this is my attempt to explain how to retouch a photo.  There are some things that I want to tell you first… 1) I had to use Photoshop CS because its all I have on my laptop so bare with me 2) I just picked a photo I thought could use some retouching, it isn’t my best photo 😛  3) I am not the most savvy Photoshoper so I’m not completely down with the lingo 4) This is the method that I learned in class, it works for me and I hope it will work for you 🙂 

So lets get started!!! First of all you want to open up Photoshop.  (Duh 😛 ) Here is the original photo that I am going to work on…


Ok now the first thing that you are going to do is zoom in ok the photo so that you can work easily on the face.  Click on the healing brush tool and minimize the size of it to relatively small (you can adjust the size of the brush using the [ and ] keys.  Now you want to remove distracting blemishes and imperfections on the skin by pressing alt and clicking on a shade of the skin that is similiar to the area you are perfecting. 

Now the next step is to go up to Layer and click.  Go down to New and over to select Layer.  Once you have this new layer you want to select the Brush tool.  Once you’ve selected that you want to enable Airbrush.  The airbrush option is a botton that looks like a pen with a squigly line.  It is located at the top of the screen to the right of Flow.  Once you’ve selected that you want to lower your Opacity to about 18 or 19% (feel free to set your own opacity if you’re not satisfied with the result you’re getting).  Now for the Airbrush you’re going to was a relatively big brush.  Now select similiar shaded areas (like you did with the healing brush) and swoop the brush across the face in little swoops.  You’re going to want to do this around most of  the face, avoiding the eyes and getting into the hair  and such.  Don’t worry too much about getting into those area’s though because you can fix that in the next step.


Now you are going to go back up to Layer and click.  Go down to Add Layer Mask and go over to select Reveal All.  Make sure you are still on the Airbrush mode and then reduce the size the size of the brush to about the size of an eraser or a little smaller.  Press the \ button on your keyboard.  Now you you want to outline around the face that you don’t want the airbrush to effect.  Raise the opacity back up to about 80% or so and outline around the hair that is around the face, the nostrils, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and clothes if you airbrushed on ther neck or any other place.  It should be a red color as you outline.  It’s fun because they will end up looking like demons!  LoL

Once you’ve finshed outlining, you are going to click off of the white Layer of Layer one and click the gray and white checkered Layer one that is to the left of the layer you just outlined on. Notice up on the above pictures the layer tab.  Thats where you want to click.  Now you want to go up to Filter and go down to Noise and go over to select add noise.  If you raise the noise all the way you you should easily be able to see everywhere that you airbrushed.  You want to add about 5% or 6% to the photo to bring a little texture back into the face to match the rest of the photo otherwise your model might start to look like a doll.  So now you’re done!! At least with my method.  So hear is our finished product….

I hope all that made sense to you.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.  I suggest practicing!!! Again this isn’t my best photo, or my best retouching but it got the job done.  I have a head ache and I’m gonna go to bed now :p So I really do hope this helped 🙂  Let me know how it goes for you!!!

Annie 😀



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4 09 2008

I have became habitanat for this blog. Contents you are proiding is informative, thanks for your regular updations!!

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