Reflective/Subtractive Lighting – Assignment #2

15 07 2008

Our second assignment was reflective or subtractive lighting or both.  I had a hard time with this one because the weather didn’t want to cooperate with my schedule so that was sort of a bummer.  But I think I came up with some decent shots.  Oh yeah I also suffered a lot from doing this shoot!!! I thought Jerry, my professor, was silly for carrying bug spray with him when we went outside but now I’ll never shoot outside with out it again!!! I was attacked my chiggers!! Oh it was terrible!!! I mean I had them everywhere!  It was miserable!! PHOTOGRAPHER’S TIP OF THE DAY: Carry bug spray in your camera bag!!!!! Apparently my model paid for it also.  She messaged me earlier saying she was also covered in bug bites.  I feel bad 😦 But anyways hopefully the pictures I paid three days of suffering of the most irritating itch all over me, was worth it! But I’ll let you be the judge of that….

To view a Slideshow of the whole shoot click below




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