In Class Model – Marie

8 07 2008

Finally we got a brake from shooting each other in my Portrait class today.  It’s stressful having a class where you feel like you need to put some effort into your outfit for that class because you could be chosen as the model victim for the day and you definitely don’t want bad pictures of yourself floating all around people’s facebooks, myspaces, wordpresses, and flickrs!! Today was pretty nice because I knew there was no chance I would have to model because we had someone coming in today so I dressed comfortably!  Yay!! We shot a girl named Marie who was a great model!! She had beautiful red hair and, well…. look for yourself….



One response

27 07 2008
Evan Courtney

Wow. I’m more amazed everytime I look at your pictures. You might have to take some for me sometime, not of me of course, wouldn’t want your camera to break, but maybe of my neices and nephews or something. I really like this set, this Marie is quite a looker, not as good looking as you but there aren’t many women who are. I really liked the one of the gal that has her feet in the washing machine that one really stuck out to me for some reason. And all of the ones you took of tina in the woods are really cool too. You really are wonderful at this, hope you believe me and don’t think I’m just saying it. But anyway keep up on snapping away

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