Annie Leibovitz

18 04 2008

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz was born in 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut, one of six children.  She attended the San Francisco Art Institute and began by studying painting.  She later became interested in photography after taking a trip with her mother to Japan.  Her career as a photographer began when she was assigned to shoot John Lennon for the Rolling Stones magazine which was published on the cover in January 21, 1971.  Two years later she was named the chief photographer of the Rolling Stones magazine.  In 2005 Leibovitz’s photograph of nude John Lennon curled around fully clothed Yoko Ono, taken in 1981 hours before Lennon was shot dead, was named the best magazine cover from the past 40 years by the American Society of Magazine Editors.  In 1983 joined Vanity Fair as a photographer.  The cover she shot for Vanity Fair of Demi Moore naked and hold her pregnant belly, was named the second best cover in the past 40 years.     Last year Leibovitz was asked by Queen Elizabeth II to take her official photo for her state visit to Virginia.  Also last year she was hired by Walt Disney to shoot a Walt Disney World’s Year of A Million Dreams campaign where she shot celebrities in various classic Disney movie scenes.  Leibovitz had a close relationship with writer Susan Sontag beginning in 1989 up until Susan’s death in 2004.  It is unknown for sure as to whether their relationship was a friendship, familial, or romantic.  Leibovitz also has three children:  Sarah, who was born when Leibovitz was 51, and twins, Susan and Samuelle, born from a surrogate mother in 2005 and named in memory of Susan Sontag and Leibovitz’s father.

 I personally am a fan of Annie Leibovitz’s work.  Everything she shoots is so powerful.  She has these visions of how she wants something to look and some sort of emotion she wants to portray.  Rather than simply shooting glamour shots of celebrities with big smiles, expensive clothes, and their hair flowing perfectly all around them,  she digs deep to bring out the person behind the pretty face.  Now I’m not saying that she shoots them in a way that makes them look unattractive but rather in a way that makes them seem more human, more real.  I am inspired by her ability to bring out emotion and all the symbolism that exists in her photos.  Plus its a sign… Annie Leibovitz is a great photographer and my name is Annie so it’s meant to be 😉

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