Under My Umbrella

7 04 2008

So the other day I decided I wanted me and my boyfriend Duane to go out and take pictures after I got off work in downtown KC. Well it turned out that that wasn’t the greatest idea. First of all my battery was dying on me, then I only had 3 pictures left on my card and couldn’t delete all of the images on there, I didn’t know where to shoot, it was cold, and I was tired because I had just worked all day. So this is about the only decent one I ended up with. It’s not the greatest since it was so dark and I was hand holding it with an ISO of 1600 :s. But oh well. I think we’re going to go back out this next weekend when I get off earlier. So we’ll see if I come up with anything good then.




One response

14 04 2008

Great shot, Annie! I’d be curious to know how you got such deep color out of a night shot like that. Would that come from the 1600 ISO? How did you get up above the street for the shot? Wonderful!

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