2nd Place Winner In Creative/Altered Process Category In Expo

4 04 2008


2nd Place Winner!!! 

So every year the UCM photo department hosts a photo contest called Expo.  There are quite a few categories you can enter pictures into such as portrait, fine art, creative/altered process, nature, commerical, editorial, weddings, family and children, portfolio, etc.  I didn’t participate last year but this year we were required to enter for one of my photography classes so I just entered one picture (I am a poor college student and didn’t have a ton of money to spend on printing pictures, matboard, and extra prints, I also didn’t know that with the first entry fee you could enter up to 3 photos, or I would have entered two more) and I didn’t expect anything from it.  I was just doing it to get the 200 points I needed.  I did try to pick out one that I really liked and might stand a chance. So I entered my No Parking picture.  I was really proud of how this image turned out when I first took it and I’ve always really liked it.  So I got it printed out and had to borrow some matboard from Jackie (thanks for that 🙂 ) and entered it not expecting a thing except 200 points for the class.  However, they hold a banquet type thing after the weekend to announce winners and hand out prizes and to my surprise I won second in my category! I was so excited!!! I am really proud of myself.  And I will certainly enter many more for next year.  My next concentration is the 2nd Street Art Fest held every year back in my home town.



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